Sans-serif typeface

from Moldovan government
designed by Dmitri Voloshin

7 Styles

7 Weights: Thin to Black

Additional Scripts


Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)




This free sans-serif typeface is a great mix of being useful and interesting, while the stylistic alternates make it flexible enough for a broad range of applications.

My thoughts on Onest

Onest is a free typeface designed by Dmitri Voloshin for the country of Moldova. The soft, a bit squarish design, gives it a lot of character, combined with a few particular letter shapes like the curved y, the simple u, or the k with a crossbar.

In larger text Onest looks friendly
The squarish, rounded shapes contribute to that open and reserved
while showing more character than Arial or Montserrat a few Symbols and arrows 
Speaking Romanian, Russian, Gagauz, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
Закінчити війну
Broad eastern language support, and symbols make Onest very appealing

The typeface is living between popular styles. Next to default Arial and seen enough Montserrat, Onest shows the influences of both, while marking its own spot.

This is between styles. Arial is quite restrained and narrow, Onest is neither very restrained nor super geometric, Montserrat is quite geometric and wide
Next to Arial and Montserrat you see that Oenst seems softer, but not too soft, restrained, but not too cold.

I love the stylistic alternates that make Onest a font of all trades 😉. But especially for app or UI design, this comes handy. When activated, certain characters become more distinct, so they will work better in smaller sizes.

In small sizes the stylistic alternates increase legibility, making it ideal for UI design.
The default characters and stylistic alternates of Onest

In some cases, that curved y could be too much – or even annoying. Then you can swap it out by activating another stylistic set. For body text, it is great to have this option, showing again, how versatile Onest can be. Many thanks to Kryštof for recommending this typeface to me!

The y is too soft and the double-story a is too strict?
Changing it shifts the mood.
Stylistic set 2 shifts towards a more conservative mood.

Recommended Font Pairing

Guide the soft geometric appearance of Onest into an even more approachable direction by combining it with wobbly Sniglet.

Onest (free)
Onest (free)
  • Headings
  • Copy
  • UI Text

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  1. Wow … The Moldovan government has high ambitions for this typeface! It is very interesting seeing how they talk about it. The potential emotional/psychological impact of typefaces is fascinating.

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