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I had the pleasure to be a guest on several podcasts. If you want me to share some typographic insights to your audience in a very enthusiastic way, shoot me an email!

Upcoming Events

Book me for your event after October 2022.

“Oliver was a fantastic speaker at Spajk in Stockholm. He magically switched between jokes and practical information, and captured the audience the entire talk. A lot of the attendees rated Oliver as one of the greatest speakers that they have seen.”

Andreas Jangefalk, Co-organizer of Spajk

“Oliver has his own particular style of quirk and humour that really sets his speaking style apart from almost anyone else I’ve seen before. His delivery is hilarious, but never detracts from his message—I learned so much from him in such a short space of time. I think he’s pretty unique, and I’ve seen a lot of conference speakers! I’d recommend getting him on-board.”

Harry Roberts, CSS Wizardry

Podcast Guest

UI Breakfast Podcast
26 May 2023, Duration 45:07
Episode 268: UI Typography with Oliver Schöndorfer
Episode site

Talk Paper Scissors
13 Dec 2022, Duration 47:09
#134 Pairing Type with Oliver of Pimp My Type
Episode site

Graphic Design Is Fun
25 Nov 2022, Duration: 40:48
How to Choose and Pair Typefaces
Episode site

The Weekly Typographic
25 March 2022, starting at around min 23:00
Font Pairing Pitfalls – Three common mistakes when matching type
Episode Site

The Josh Hall Web Design Show
7 March 2022, Duration: 1:20:30
Five Tips for Pimping Out your Web Typography
Episode site | Episode on YouTube

Self-Made Web Designer
13 October 2021, Duration: 24:38
Typography in Web Design: What You Need to Know
Episode site | Episode on YouTube

Website 101 Podcast
6 July 2021, Duration: 1:14:56
Pimp Your Typography
Episode site | My review of their site

Frontend Greatness
27 May 2021, Duration: 47:26
Better Web Typography with Oliver Schöndorfer
Episode site

German Podcasts

UX Heroes Podcast
24 Mai 2021, Dauer: 31:07
Oliver Schöndorfer über Typografie für User Interfaces
Zur Episode

26. Februar 2021, Dauer: 1:17:00
Themen: Warum es mehr Schriften gibt als Open Sans, welche Arten von Texten es gibt und welche Schriften dazu passen, eine Einführung in Variable Fonts.
Zur Episode 83

Working Draft
19. Jänner 2021, Dauer: 1:02:32
Augen auf bei der Webfont-Wahl
Zur Episode 460

Working Draft
1. April 2018, Dauer: 1:13:58
Typographie im Web
Zur Episode 334