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from Cast Type Foundry
designed by Valentina Casali

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Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)

License starting

below $30 (one style)


An unusual script typeface with open connectors that give it a cheeky, contemporary and playful vibe. Made for fancy branding and display purposes with a twist.

My thoughts on Pritzious

I love it when a typeface embraces a limitation, and makes something interesting out of it. Pritzious by the Italian designer Valentina Casali, released by CAST Foundry does exactly that. Based on historic scripts around the 1760s, it is so unusual, because it is not connected due to technical limitations of that time.

Playful & Open While the loose connections almost remind me of a Stencil Typeface? Delicate, decorative. Fancy in its own, cheeky way.

Valentina exaggerated that by intentionally opening the connectors of some letters. Something you normally would not see, since most script typefaces wants to imitate fluent, calligraphic handwriting. Because of that unexpected feature, at times, it almost feels like a stencil to me.

open intended
Intentionally loose connections between entry and exit strokes

So these loose connections give Pritzious a more casual, contemporary, even cheeky vibe. A certain airiness, and charm, that is only highlighted by the delicate and playful letter shapes. You’ll get what I mean when comparing it to other script typefaces. See below and yawn.

Künstler Script is so conservative compared to Pritzious, and harder to read.

When it comes to the application, Pritzious it is made for display text, the larger, the better. I recommend not setting it smaller than 50 px on screen. Thanks to the open design, it is more readable than other script across multiple lines. Still, use it for a little text only.

A beautiful typeface to create fluent, lively lines of delicate script. Not really suited for a lot of text or for anything much smaller than 50 px. However, Pritzious is still quite readable and gorgeous to look at! The numerals are 1235 times more beautiful than I could imagine in 978 wild typographic dreams. Yes, I have those.
Even though Pritzious is made for large text, for a script typeface, it remains quite readable across several lines.

Pritzious comes with a few stylistic alternates, initial and terminal forms, and additional swashes for the uppercase A and K. Also, the numerals are so beautiful to look at. It is a typeface made for elegant but playful moments. I recommend it for brands or applications that should feel fancy, but with a contemporary touch and a certain twist.

What do you think of this week’s typeface? Write it in the comments! Also, if you have a suggestion for an upcoming Font Friday 😉.

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Edition #110, published


  1. I cannot describe it correctly, but it very aesthetic but still kinda unreadable. Or like really hard to read. But i think that fits for almost every Script Typeface.

    But sometimes you just want to have something aesthetic, because everyone knows thats a Wedding Invitation and just has to look beautiful. 🙂

    1. Gotta dress for the occasion 😄. Absolutely, Patrick. It still is hard to read, easier than other script typefaces, but compared to a simple sans-serif, definitely a challenge 😉.

  2. Oliver, Thanks for this!

    I would love more reviews of script fonts that are connected with contextual ligatures–but I understand the audience may be limited.

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