Serif typeface

from Nouvelle Noire
designed by Martina Meier

Variable Font

1 axis: Weight

3 Styles

3 Weights: Regular to Bold

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)

License starting

below $70 (one style)
below $150 (bundle)


An unusual, quirky serif typeface with a historic, blackletter-inspired touch, that convinced in both in headings and copy.

My NN Konrad font review

The traditional and peculiar serif typeface NN Konrad lets us dive into type history. It is a contemporary take on the first printed roman typeface. As you might know, the Gutenberg bible is set in blackletter. In 1463, two of its printers ended up in Italy, taking the knowledge of printing with movable metal type with them. There they cut a new hybrid typeface that oriented more towards the roman shape typed we know today – the starting point for NN Konrad.

Traditional & Savvy

NN Konrad shows some lively contrast. Less than a blackletter typeface, but more than you would expect from a roman style typeface. Right in the middle, giving you these historic vibes without going extremely into one direction. This makes it still suitable for modern readers, since the divine is in the details.

And it looks so nice in all caps!
NN Konrad convinces in body text and headings

While NN Konrad is clearly designed for long reading text, It is interesting enough for large text, since the slight contrasting and details are put into spotlight there. You see the blackletter influence in the abrupt modulation of round shapes, like the “o” or “Q”. There, another highlight shows: the charming gap before the diagonals connect. You can see this at the “R” or “k” as well.

Upper case “Q“ with broad nib pen inspired modulation. The upper case “R“ shows an interesting gap where the leg meets the stem. The lower case “n“ shows Blackletter inspired entry and exit strokes, while the lower case “k“ twisted a top serif of the diagonal.
Some of the details that show that NN Konrad is blackletter inspired

To better illustrate how NN Konrad differs from a roman typeface, let’s compare it with a very roman one … Times New Roman 😜. But what does “roman” mean? Next to blackletter and italics, it is one of the three main categories of historical type and the base for what is most familiar to us now. You will see that NN Konrad is more angled, the entry and exit strokes are quite different, and everything is a bit sturdier.

NN Konrad vs. Times New Roman
Compared to Times New Roman, NN Konrad seems much snappier and quirkier

If you’re interested in all the historic backgrounds and details, I highly recommend visiting NN Konrad’s wonderful mini-site.

Font Pairings for NN Konrad

I’d classify NN Konrad a quite dynamic, constrasting serif typeface. Rational Bricolage Grotesque would make a very interesting and unusual combination for headings, but also narrow Clear Sans for functional text.

NN Konrad
NN Konrad
  • Headings
  • Copy

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

What do you think? Is NN Konrad something for your next design project with a historic touch? Tell me in the comments!

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Edition #151, published


  1. This is a very charming font! One of my favorites you’ve reviewed thus far. Love the blackletter hints. I’d use it more for headings than body text, but you’re right, it works for both.

    A typo: In the font pairings, you have “Bricolage Gortesque” instead of Grotesque.

    1. It will definitely shine more in larger sizes ☺️, even though it works in smaller. Thank a lot for the typo 😉.

  2. Hello Konrad 👋🏻
    There is something ownable in you. You’re enough on your own, especially in headings. And I see a brush stroke in those blackletter hints. It is very embedded in my memory and in design applications. Konrad will stand out wherever you use it. Just ensure you don’t pair some other quirky font with it. They will compete and Konrad may end up as a kitch.

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