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Piazzolla (free font)

The edgy serif typeface Piazzolla shown on a mobile phone in a headline, body text, a pull quote and the labels of a button and navigation.

Serif typeface

by Juan Pablo del Peral at Huerta Tipográfica

Over 54 styles (instances)

8 weights from Thin to Extra Bold with matching italics in three optical sizes.

Variable Font

2 axes (weight, optical size)

License for web/app usage


Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)


Optical sizing that optimizes the design it for the displayed type size.

My thoughts on Piazzolla

I immediately fell in love with Piazzolla when I saw it. It’s a lively, edgy serif serif typeface that conveys a personal style. But most of all, it’s a type system that makes use of one of the greatest things variable fonts made possible in a seamless way – optical sizing. This means it improves the text legibility at small sizes. Best of all is, that it works automatically in all modern browsers. It might be a super tiny detail, but take the time to compare the different states, taken from Piazzolla’s mini site:

Sample text of Piazzolla with optical sizing turned off.
Optical sizing off: The headline has less contrast, the while the small text is too contrasting and tight.
Sample text of Piazzolla with optical sizing turned on.
Optical sizing on: More contrast in the headline, for the body text and the small text the tracking increases automatically.

Piazzolla certainly is not for everybody, the larger and contrasting it gets, the more personality it shows. But it also is very calm and quiet at reading sizes. There, its tight leading brings you solid lines and robust paragraphs. This is one of those typefaces where I can’t believe that it’s available for free. All the better, because this will spread good typography more easily.

What do you think? Is Piazzolla something for an upcoming project? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Solid, even stubborn, may I say an old-fashioned, Latino-Americano spirit. It owns a strong, peculiar character. It differs from my gentle, minimal style but, it doesn’t mean that it won’t serve a purpose in some like-minded project. Medium-bold weight is where Piazzolla shows its true, firm character. The best fit? Spanish language, national newspaper/magazines. 💃🏻

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