Sans-serif superfamily

from Fontfabric
designed by Leon Hugues, Plamen Motev, Radomir Tinkov

Variable Font

2 axes: Weight, Width

216 Styles

12 Weights: Hairline to Fat
9 Widths: Compressed to Expanded
with matching italics

Additional Scripts


Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)

License starting

below $50 (one style)
below $20 (bundle)


A vast, versatile sans-serif superfamily with a clean, sophisticated look, giving you room to express your content across any application.

My thoughts on Muller Next

The sans-serif superfamily Muller Next is the successor of Fontfabric’s – who would have guessed it – Muller typeface. Covering over 216 styles in various weights and widths, upright and italic, Latin and Cyrillic script, it gives you so much room for typographic expression.

Muller Next covers a wide range of widths and weights For body text it seems minimalistic and elegant. The medium x-height and a quite geometric construction contribute to that. Also italics are included. Overall the typeface covers over 130 languages in Latin and Cyrillic script. на латиница и кирилица Regular and Italic
Muller Next covers over 130 languages in Latin and Cyrillic Script

In the more regular weights and widths, it has a clean and clam feel to it. You can see hints of geometric influences (like the circular o and e), but Muller Next is more dynamic and warmer than something like a Futura. It also has a certain elegance, established by the medium x-height and amplified by particular details. Like by adding a horizontal bar at the k and J, or removing it at the G.

Almost circular dot on the ”i”. “K” with
horizontal bar. Bar on the top left of the “J”.
”G“ without horizontal bar.
My favorite 😍 details that add to Muller Next’s clean, elegant look.

When a superfamily has so many weights and widths, the extremes can become little practical. But they have to be created, since the overall system demands them. The wide styles work very well, while the compressed, light styles, quickly turn more into barcode than text 😉. If you set it large enough for a poster or in animations, they still might be useful.

Hairline Expanded at 60 px: Thin and wide
Fat Expanded at 50 px
Hairline Compressed at 200 px: This is the place where you can hide all your secrets. Or create a barcode.
Fat Compressed at 60 px: Hairline Compressed does not work, fat compressed is better.
Hairline Compressed might be useful for an arty poster, variable font animations or hiding secrets 🤫. Don’t use it for anything else, though.

During testing Muller Next Variable, I discovered that the variable font does not come with any named styles. So you have to adjust weights and widths manually on the slider, leaving you a bit disoriented. This is more complicated by the fact that the axes don’t follow the familiar web standards. You would expect the Regular weight at font-weight: 400, but it is at 90, but the whole weight axis covers 10 to 900. The same goes for the width axis with different values. Maybe I missed some reasoning behind this, but for web design I hope it will be fixed in a future update.

How it looks at browser defaults of font-weight 400 and font-stretch 100%
How it should look set to browser default values but it actually is at font-weight: 90 and font-stretch: 500%
The default values of Muller Next Variable are quite unusual.

Another lovely bonus are the stylistic alternates, that make Muller Next softer and friendlier, even more so in Cyrillic script. They are a wonderful addition to an already very versatile typeface.

Stylistic alternates of a one story a, curved y and rounded Cyrillic щ.
Make use of Muller Next’s stylistic alternates

I recommend Muller Next for headings and body text. For smaller sizes or UI design, the x-height is a bit low, but in many cases it will work. Overall, a true workhorse typeface waiting for you to express yourself with it.

Recommended Font Pairing

Muller Next is a quite geometric, linear, sans-serif and would pair well with Newsreader, a quite dynamic, contrasting serif typeface.

Muller Next
Muller Next
  • Headings
  • Copy
  • UI Text

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

What do you think of this week’s typeface? Write it in the comments! Also, if you have a suggestion for an upcoming Font Friday 😉.

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