Slab Serif typeface

from Huerta Tipográfica
designed by Carolina Giovagnoli

Variable Font

2 axes: Weight, Italic

10 Styles

5 Weights: Regular to ExtraBold
with matching italics

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)


Free and Open Source


A free slab serif text typeface, with classy vibes and a contemporary look, supporting 219 languages, including Guaraní.

My thoughts on Andada Pro

After so many sans-serif typefaces, It’s time for a little variety, and the free font Andada Pro is perfect for that. This typeface is made for body text, with a medium stroke contrast that is just right to give you that classy book serif vibes. For a slab serif typeface, Andada Pro is very fluid and organic – more on this in the upcoming Font Friday Digest on Patreon.

Andada Pro seems traditional Charming & Calligraphic with a Contemporary Touch. This typeface is made for body text. It has medium contrast, but enough to give you that printed book, classy serif vibes. Technically it’s a slab serif, but very dynamic and fluid. Its lively italics and especially the small caps make Andada Pro so pro and so beautiful for running text.
Feel the calligraphic passion in the italics and adore those small caps!

But it also seems quite modern. You might say: “But this is a serif, how can it be modern?”. It always depends on what you set it next to. Traditional serif typefaces like Garamond or Baskerville have much more stroke contrast, which makes them seem more noble, but also a bit dusty.

Andada Pro is Classic and modern. EB Garamond and Baskerville both seem Classic, not modern.
Compared to classics like Garamond or Baskerville you can see how simple and contemporary Andada Pro looks.
Patreon blurred image
What makes Andada Pro organic? Learn in the June Font Friday Video Digest.

Andada Pro was designed to be used in a specific bilingual context, Spanish and Guaraní, which is spoken by indigenous people in South America. Guaraní language uses the Latin system and a special character, named puso. The correct sign to represent it, is the saltillo, not an apostrophe, nor a prime. Learn more about Guaraní language at the Andada Pro minisite.

Apostrophe: Used to mark a missing sound or as single quote
Prime: mathematical sign, used in GPS coordinates
is 'school' in Guaraní.
Saltillo: correct to represent a glottal occlusion or stop phoneme in Guaraní.
The saltillo is a special sign, correctly representing the puso in Guaraní.

The typeface is also packed with a ton of OpenType Features, like stylistic alternates, fractions, and gorgeous rare ligatures, even more beautiful set in Black Italic, as you can see below. I can imagine the italics being used for package design or in other display text. The Romans work best for long reading text.

Turning rare ligatures on will turn you on 😍 Just love how elegantly these characters melt together …

Overall, Andada Pro is a gem, supporting immersive reading experiences with a certain finesse, waiting for you to let your content shine in 219 different languages.

Recommended Font Pairing

Andada is a dynamic, contrasting serif typeface. It pairs well with clean and warm Gelogica and Asap, but also with geometric SFT Schrifted Sans for interesting headings.

Andada Pro (free)
Andada Pro (free)
  • Headings
  • Copy

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

Do you speak Guaraní? Tell me in the comments! Also, if you have a suggestion for an upcoming Font Friday 😉.

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Edition #122, published


  1. Love this one, thanks Oliver! It doesn’t only look and feel good, I’m really amazed by all the detail the designers went into, covering so many use cases and language requirements. A really versatile font!

    1. Right? Discovering all these OpenType features is like opening a treasure chest! Le me know if you use it on a project!

  2. Hey Oliver! What a classic article. I also have an idea about the font and your article is very classic. I like the display fonts. Keep up the great work.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you, David! I’m glad you enjoy this one. It’s too gorgeous. Just recorded a the June Font Friday video digest for Patreon and looking at it again made me very happy 🤩.

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