Top 3 Fonts for impactful Headlines in 2021

Top 3 fonts for impactful headlines in 2021

As we’re approaching the end of this year, I want to pass the last 48 Font Friday recommendations in review by giving you my personal top 3 fonts for display text. Everything that is set large, shows character, and stands out. If you’re not sure what to pay attention to when choosing a good typeface for display text, there is an in depth article and video about that.

This one was particularly hard, because there are so many good fonts, but they always have to fit the project. So I just followed my heart. What was your favorite typeface for display text in 2021? Let me know in the comments!

3. Mayenne Sans

The quirky contrasting sans seir typeface Mayenne Sans on a mobile phone in a headline and pull quote.

Sans-serif display typeface

by Studio Triple

1 Style




Why I picked it

The super expressive look and tight metrics make it ideal for impactful titles or headings. My heart shines when looking at the tremendous x-height, how short ascenders and descenders are, and how contrasting it is. Full Mayenne Sans review

2. Arida

The calligraphic looking serif typeface Árida on a mobile phone in a headline and pull quote, the body text, and the label of a button.

Serif typeface

by Alfonso García, at Latinotype

6 styles

5 weights, from Regular (with a matching italic) to Black


From $ 39 (web), $ 390 (app)

Why I picked it

Arida has a lot of alternate characters, lovely small caps, and shows a gorgeous contrast in the stronger weights. It will work for body text as well, but the larger, the more you see its calligraphic nature and fall in love with it. Full Arida review

1. Style Script

The lively and elegant script typeface Style Script in a heading and a pull quote on a mobile phone.

Script typeface

by Robert Leuschke, at Google Fonts

1 style


License for web/app usage


Why I picked it

Good script typefaces are hard to find, this one is even a free font! A ton of OpenType features can change the appearance of Style Script from very formal and skillful to more casual and approachable. Full Style Script review

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  1. Great review for the end of the year! Looking forward to the next 2! Happy Holidays!

    1. Sehr funky! Muss man mal probieren, wie die mit verschiedenen Texten geht. Aber hat auf jeden Fall ziemlichen 70ies Vibe ✌️😂

  2. Wie wäre es, in einem Artikel den Leser dazu auffordern, ihre drei besten Schriften für Überschriften zu nennen?

    1. Danke für den Vorschlag, ich hab das jetzt mal so gemacht, dass ich hier fragen, was die eine Lieblingsschrift ist 😉.

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