Display typeface

from Zeta Fonts
designed by Aldo Novarese, revival by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli

Variable Font

2 axes: Optical Sizing, Weight

24 Styles

12 Weights: Sottilie to Weirdo
with matching italics

Additional Scripts


Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)

License starting

below $35 (one style)
below $190 (bundle)


An extended revival of a reverse contrast typeface, with a vintage vibe, going from calm, to playful, confident, and weird.

My thoughts on Stadio Now

Stadio Now is a typeface published by the lovely Italian foundry Zeta Fonts. It is a revival of Stadio from 1974 by the highly important type designer Aldo Novarese (which you know from Eurostile). The original design, that only consisted of one style, was digitalized, extended, complemented, and is now available as a variable font. There as so many things I love about Stadio Now. First, it looks very striking, and unusual, casual, or even goofy due to the reverse contrast (more about that concept in my Antipol review). But the mood strongly depends on the specific weight and style you choose.

Quanto è sottile set in Sottilie. Yeah, this is cool! set in Novarese. GO, Novarese, GO! set in Poster Italic. Am I weird or are you? set in Weirdo. This is calm and even set in Monolinea. Aldo Novarese rocks the hood! Set in Text.
From light and elegant, to striking and contrasting, to calm and even. Different styles provide you with different moods. I especially like their charming names.

Zeta Fonts created a contrasting and diverse design space for Stadio Now, going from even, to contrasting, to confident, to weird. On the other hand, Stadio Now Text and Monolinea are almost calm, which makes this type family also suited for some running text. And even then it keeps the unusual letter shapes and vibe.

What I really like about Stadio Now is, that its up to you how far you want to push it. You can use it for a quite good amount of body copy in the text styles. There it keeps its unusual letter shapes, but with less contrast. Most interesting to me is how it looks when mixing display and text styles in one line.
Stadio Now Text combined with different styles for louder or quieter emphasis.

There are so many little gems and hidden features, that it really pays off to discover them. Besides the unusual letter shapes of the upper case Y and K, the lighter styles come with adorable serifs in the italics, which add extra charm and quirkiness. My favorite Easter egg are the script forms provided as stylistic alternates, that make the unusual even more unusual, just crazy!

Yes! Keep cool! True italic love! fun script alternates
Stadio Now is packed with interesting stylistic alternates and lovely little gems

I could vividly imagine Stadio Now on a retro revival packaging, bold campaign, or an intriguing web design with plenty of display text. I also recommend reading the backstory of the design process in Zeta Font’s blog, which is also set in Stadio Now (where you can also see that it does not really work set in Display Italic for the captions).

What do you think? Is Stadio Now something for an upcoming project? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. If it’s not my ‘cup of tea’ it doesn’t mean I can’t applaud for variables and stylistic expressions!👏🏻But I can’t associate different styles with each other and ever think it’s the same typeface.

    ‘Weirdo’ reminds me of Garfield’s eyelids, anyone?🙄
    Crazy script forms in style alternates remind me of Arabic letters.
    A huge discount for your readers, bravo!! One has to earn that appreciation, Pimp my Type is a brand to follow💙

    1. I like that you can appreciate it for being there, even if you don’t prefer it, Jana 💙. Arabic letter – great link! You’re totally right!

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