Slab Serif typeface

from Google Fonts
designed by Mike LaGattuta

Variable Font

1 axis: Weight

9 Styles

9 Weights: Hairline to Black

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)




A surprisingly unknown Google Font, that shows confidence with a retro vibe. Ideal for bold statements, in all caps, headings or titles.

My thoughts on Hepta Slab

I discovered Hepta Slab while looking for interesting typefaces on Google Fonts for the exercises in my Pairing Typefaces online course. Given its high drawing quality, unique look and the confident impression it makes, I was surprised how rarely it is used, based on the GF stats. Maybe a hidden gem?

How can this cool typeface not be overused? Maybe because it’s too strong too confident too handsome & interesting or simply unknown
Hepta Slab also looks freakin’ beautiful in all caps, set in Semibold, Bold and Black.

It definitely needs a project that either is super confident or a bit cheeky, and does not take itself too seriously. Slab serif typefaces tend to be a bit comical and over the top. Compared to FR Kraken Slab, it is rather calm and straight forward. It has a vintage vibe, but the geometric letter shapes make it a bit more contemporary. But not in a cold and sober way, it still has some warmth, shown in t, the double-storey g, the serifs of the S and the black weights.

Your design has to be strong.
It has to have character.
So don’t bring go to Hell-vetica to a
freakin’ slab serif fight!
Then your design won’t stand these powerful serifs.
Various weights from Light to Black, “powerful” set in small-caps. And simply the best text I ever came up with.

This is a typeface for headings, titles, anything large. Don’t go below 18 px with it, if you do only for a little text. It will become too noisy. I also appreciate the stylistic alternates, that make it a bit straighter even.

… but Belgian waffles only! I love how characteristic the numbers are, but I can understand that in some cases they might be too playful.

Suggested font pairing for Hepta Slab

Since it’s geometric, it will perfectly pair with typeface like Montserrat or Raleway, or better Pangea, which is much more interesting. How do I know that? The Font Matrix told me 😉.

Font Pairing for Hepta Slab: Combined with Pangea for body text. Both typefaces follow a geometric form model, which makes them a harmonious match. Hepta Slab for headings and Pangea for body text.

What do you think? Is this typeface something for an upcoming project, or do you have a font recommendation? Tell me in the comments below!

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