Alternatives to Comic Sans

You were forced asked to use Comic Sans? But you just can’t. Because … well … because of Comic Sans. You want something more sophisticated, less seen and better executed? These are my top suggestions, that come with a similar appeal, but less hated 😉.

Uberhand Pro

Uberhand Pro was designed by Jens Kutilek, and a more advanced successor to his free alternative Comic Jens. It also comes with a handwritten appeal, is more sophisticated, has plenty of weights and also UI Icons, and is also available on Adobe Fonts.

Uberhand Pro Feels friendly, approachable and organic. 
It’s a bit wider and more playful than
Comic Sans, also coming with UI Icons.
Uberhand Pro is wider than Comic Sans, more interesting and playful.


One of my most loved handwritten style typefaces. Supermarker, designed by Ulrike Rausch, is available from Fontwerk. I absolutely love the genuine handwritten impression it makes, due to the many alternative characters. I did a review about it here.

Supermarker Creates a genuine handwritten
impression, because each letter was drawn
in three to four different variants.
Supermarker brilliantly fakes handwriting, much better than Comic Sans 😉.


The free font Itim, designed by Cadson Demak, goes in a little different direction. It is more striking, also available on Google Fonts. It comes with only one weight, which is somehow semi-bold, and more suited for headings or larger text. Since it’s by a Thai foundry, it also covers Thai script.

Itim appears playful & expressive. It comes
with two alternate character designs to seem more handwritten and supports Thai Script.
Itim is a more striking alternative to Comic Sans, available on Google Fonts.

What are your alternative to Comic Sans? Tell me in the comments below!

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