Sans-serif typeface

from Google Fonts
designed by Production Type

Variable Font

3 axes: Weight, Width, Italic

126 Styles

9 Weights: Hairline to Black
7 Widths: Extra Condensed to Extra Expanded
with matching italics

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)




A friendly, versatile free sans-serif typeface, that gives you a lot of possibilities with many widths, while you still should consider two caveats.

My thoughts on Georama

Georama is a friendly and versatile free sans-serif typeface by Production Type, and available via Google Fonts. The design comes with a rather large x-height, and open letter shapes. If you paid attention to any of my content, you know, that this is very beneficial for long format reading text, or UI and app design. The different widths from Extra Condensed to Extra Expanded are very handy for display text as well.

Going from Condensed Italic, to Expaneded Regular, or Extra Condensed SemiBold to Extra expanded, Semi expanded Bold.
Wow, those are quite some widths. Georama is a variable font that comes with a vast design space, so you can fluidly adjust it to the space your design provides.

There are two things you should consider when using Georama. First, it fells to me, that the Regular weight is too light for body text. It simply has too little contrast for text sizes. And the next weight, Medium, is too dark. You can fix that with the variable font by picking a weight in between, like font-weight: 450. But that won’t work everywhere – looking at you Figma. The second issue I have is the letter spacing. For reading text, it’s too tight. So if you set it for body text at 16 to 20 px, I recommend increasing the letter-spacing by 2% or 0.02em.

This is a little body text set in Georama Regular at 18 px font size. It seems a bit too light to me, and the spacing is very tight as well. You should adjust it. This is a little body text set in Georama Regular at 18 px font size with 2% letter spacing. Better spacing, but the weight is still oviously light.
Regular is too light
This is a little body text set in Georama Medium at 18 px font size. Now, it seems too strong for body text. And the spacing is still too tight. This is a little body text set in Georama Medium at 18 px font size with 2% letter spacing. Better spacing, but still too dark.
Medium is too dark

Nevertheless, if you pay attention to those issues, and know how to set it right, Georama is a true workhorse type family. It even might overwhelm you with all its possibilities as a variable font.

Font Pairings for Georama

Georama is a dynamic, linear, sans-serif typeface. Pair it with wild, dynamic and contrasting Mazius Display for striking headings, or Corsair PE for a friendly handwritten touch.

Georama (free)
Georama (free)
  • Headings
  • Copy
  • UI Text

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

What do you think? Is Georama something for an upcoming project, or have you used it in the past? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Finally, a font properly named!
    You lost me, Oliver, with so many options in Georama. 🤪It’s a practical font even though it’s not my personal lettering style. But it’s great for playing with spacing and widths.
    I see it useful in headings with Semi-expanded Regular. And excellent for UIs text! It’s good for i.e. poster design combining condensed and expanded to get dynamic in typography-driven applications.

    Regular is on the lighter side, however, I won’t add letter-spacing ’cause the lightness is what’s already making it easier to grasp, while it’s readable enough. Not too tight for my eyes at least.

    Time and time again, I’m impressed by your sharp eye to catch the tightness among letters. Georama is a clunky kind of guy, not carrying too much. Meant for some freestyle website, definitely not a commercial or banking profile.😆

    1. Cool, glad you like it, Jana, especially the name 😉. Letter spacing depends on the actual size, which is a bit hard to show in my responsive image settings here on the site.

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