Display, Sans-serif typeface

designed by Alice Savoie

6 Styles

4 Weights: Light to Black

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)




What a cool sans-serif typeface! Theses wired, unusual, almost melting shapes of the italic fill my heart with joy! It’s the combination of the italics with the upright body text, that make it so interesting.

My thoughts on Faune

What a cool sans-serif typeface! Faune by Alice Savoie was commissioned by the French Centre National des Arts Plastiques. I don’t really get the back story, but theses wired, unusual, almost melting shapes of the italics fill my heart with joy! The typeface is available as a free font in two styles, Display and Text. The text style is sturdy enough for longer body text, but it’s the italics and combining them with the body text, that make it so interesting.

This is not so unusual, but it becomes when mixed with italic, it really is in Display Bold Italic.
Faune goes from more conventional to crazy!

Recommended Font Pairing

If you need a more robust typeface for body text, pair Faune quite similar Garino or Foreday.

Faune (free)
Faune (free)
  • Headings
  • Copy

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

What do you think? Is Faune something for an upcoming project? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Being a regular feedback-er of your Newsletters shows how much interesting I find them. And appreciate the value you share each week with a proper dose of meaningfully structured content. I’m happily subscribed for a few months now which is not at all a usual case for me. I’m a subscriber to only 4-5 Newsletters! Take it proudly!👏🏻

    Now on Fauna… Again, professional distortion. Yes, MELTING, you proposed better traits of it. Naming isn’t proper for this artistic gem. I’m a fan of all things artistic design so this one fills my eyes with pleasure. It should be kept as a one-of-a-kind because of opposing combination regular + italic. The melting walk is just… marvelous!

    We’re heading to September, I’ve expected something more practical but you always surprise🔮

    1. Great that you added the link, on the site itself it’s a bit hidden and only the download link on the French site works.

  2. I enjoy your weekly posts and the links to new or largely unknown fonts. I like to see new-to-me fonts, although with so many already, I am not really in the market to buy/download unless I see something really compelling. Keep up the good work, Oliver. Your “down to earth” advice on font use is valuable to users and, I’m sure, works as a good vehicle for your consulting practice.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Simone! But besides quality free fonts, I find it important to also promote paid quality fonts to encourage people to invest in their typographic voice.

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