Picking & Pairing Fonts – Free Webinar

I share with you the fundamentals of type selection in a fun and engaging webinar on YouTube, while busting my top 7 font choice myths. So the quality of your next design project will already benefit from that. Watch the replay blow or download the slides.

After this webinar you will know:

  • What to pay attention to, when picking a font
  • How to deal with seemingly endless options
  • Whether paid or free fonts are better
  • What works for headings, body text and UI design
  • Weather sans-serif or serif typefaces are better
  • Where to get great fonts
  • Have a basic idea how to pair them

    Download the slides of the webinar

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    What attendees said about it

    The best thing you have learned today?
Motorchris: That I don’t need years to train my eyes
Espen Selé: Function dictates etc
Moshe Starik: The 3 type system (font matrix)
Troy Rojewski: That typeface grid has totally changed the way I design.
Tuija: Font matrix, I need to check that out!
simbison: 3 type system also (font matrix)
Yvonne Sourie: font matrix
StevGee: geometric fonts can disguise themselves as dynamic fonts
Nathaniel Wallace the distinction between geometric/rational was very interesting
Nicole Riegler: that body text should be simple ...
Robert Rabner: appropriately balancing paid vs free fonts
Ronald De Rock: cheap can be good
Julia Schramm: A easy way of combining.
    Yvonne Sourie: Thank you Oliver
Ronald De Rock: great pitch
Espen Selé: seriously well made webinar, great presentation and energy.
Aanonymous: thank you Oliver!
Nicole Riegler: thank you for all your helpful input, Oliver! it's always very instructive and a pleasure. also love your weekly (sometimes twice a week) newsletter. it's not only good information but also great fun!
Tuija: Thank you! This was alot of fun!
Moshe Starik: Thank you so much! It was amazing
simbison: Thank you
Nathaniel Wallace: thank you!
Julia Schramm: Thank you oliver!


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