In-House Workshops

Invest in the typographic skills of your design team, to improve the quality and impact of their work. This is an overview of my various workshops, that can be held online or on-site.

Not sure which workshop or setting is best for your team? Book a quick chat and let’s find out 😉.

1. Pairing Typefaces like a Pro

Become more confident and faster in finding better type combinations.

A solid font pairing is essential to make designs stand out, look professional, and perform well. But finding matching typefaces feels like guessing, and always takes longer than it should. After this workshop, attendees will know how to use the Font Matrix as practical guideline to pair font harmoniously and with ease.

This workshop is for

  • Experienced designer
  • That want to deepen their type pairing skills
  • Working on graphic design, branding, UI or web design projects.

2. The Power of UI Typography

Let the typographic uniqueness of a project shine without losing functionality.

Text is the essential part of every user interface. However, many apps or websites seem to neglect that. This results in a lost opportunity for branding at least (looking at you, Roboto), or bad UX at worst. After this inspiring workshop, attendees will have a checklist on how to better choose and use typefaces for their next UI or web design.

This workshop is for

  • Beginning and experienced designers,
  • That want more background for their decision-making
  • Working on UI or web design projects.

3. Future Font Tech – Today

Discover new possibilities with modern font technology to level up your web and app designs.

Variable Fonts, Color Fonts, and CSS animation provides us with design possibilities like never before while enhancing the visual and typographic experience. But it also feels a bit overwhelming and uncertain on how to best use them. After this hands-on workshop, attendees will be able to consider new technologies playfully for their next projects, while knowing how to deal with fallbacks.

This workshop is for

  • Designers with a basic understanding of CSS,
  • That want inspiration and an overview of new possibilities,
  • Working on UI or web design projects.

Your instructor

I’m Oliver Schöndorfer, user interface and app designer, and hopelessly in love with everything type. I run a UI design business, do typographic consulting, write articles, contributed to Google Fonts Knowledge, speak at conferences and podcasts, run the YouTube channel “Pimp my Type” and a weekly Font Friday Newsletter. With these workshops, I tailored my typographic knowledge to the needs of your team.

Settings and Rate

Choose your setting

Via Zoom: Two 3-hrs sessions
On-site: One 6-hrs session

Price per workshop

€ 1,990 (excl. VAT)
+ travel expenses (optional)