Typographic Wine Label Design

Let’s design typographic wine labels in a fun live stream! So, grab a good bottle of wine, lean back and enjoy.

In this video stream, you will:

  • Understand how I approach the briefing,
  • Watch me pick fonts,
  • See how I create the layout,
  • Nudge text, tilt my head,
  • Get more drunk while doing it 🍷, and
  • Just have a good time 😅!

The Backstory

Hannes, a friend of a friend came up to me, and said: “I’m growing wine as a hobby, it’s my passion, and I’d love to have a nice label for it. I want something classic, timeless, typographic.” And that’s where he got me! So I visited his vineyard on Vienna’s outskirts, and Hannes explained to me how he makes wine, out of love and with love.

So let’s do it! Drink wine and design! Have fun, uncork one of Hannes bottles, while creating typographic wine labels.

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