UI Typography – Free Webinar

Text is essential in UI, web and app design, so learn to use the invisible power of UI typography and lift your digital designs to the next level. Watch the webinar on YouTube, and download the slides.

After this free, fun webinar you will:

  • Know how to pick a font that works for user interfaces
  • Understand visual hierarchy better by utilizing font sizes and weights
  • Be more aware of accessibility and color contrast
  • Use spacing consciously to improve your designs.


00:00 – Text is essential for UIs
03:28 – Introduction
07:00 – What you will learn
09:40 – Font Choice
22:25 – Hierarchy
34:38 – Spacing
40:08 – What’s the best thing you have learned
43:15 – UI Fonts Checklist
47:10 – Q&A

Questions addressed in the Q&A

  • What’s a good font for software on small screens?
  • Font that works for UI and Print?
  • What to do when a font weight is missing?
  • Is Inter still a good font?
  • Fonts for low carbon design
  • Why the hate on Inter?
  • Should you always use variable fonts for UI design?
  • Scaling responsive font sizes
  • Thoughts on the latest trends of all caps text

    Download the Slides

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