Serif typeface

from Bretagne
designed by Lucas Le Bihan, Roxane Gataud

5 Styles

4 Weights: Regular to Bold
with matching italics

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)

License starting

below $70 (one style)
below $300 (bundle)


Classic on the first sight but very dynamic when looking at its details, this serif font brings its own attitude to your next hip design project.

My thoughts on Self Modern

I immediately fell in love with this classic, contrasting, and quirky typeface that combines so many influences. Self Modern is a rational, strict serif typeface, working great for unique, confident headings and some playful body text.

Ideal for confident, spacious headings. For a little copy, Self Modern works as well. It is quite large compared to other fonts at the same size. I recommend setting it 15% smaller, because it has wider proportions. The Regular weight is pretty delicate, so I chose Book for this sample text. Look at these lively, strangely angled, contrasting Italics. Simply gorgeous!
How crazily beautiful are these italics?

It has as quite wide proportions and seems pretty large, compared to other serif typefaces, even of the same genre, like Besley. It was inspired by specimens of traditional serif Japanese typefaces, called “Mincho”, which are the dominant style in print. This is also why it pairs very well with Japanese characters set at the same size and weight, which you can not say of every other Latin typeface. But I’m not an expert in this, so if you are familiar with Japanese typography and have additional thoughts, please add a comment below!

Pairing Japanese text in Hiragino Micho Pro with Times New Roman. This seems very small and tight compared to the Japanese characters.
Times New Roman ご覧のように is obviously not made to work with Japanese characters ハロー at the same size and weight.
Pairing Hiragino Micho Pro with Self Modern is much more seamless.
Pairing Japanese text in Hiragino Micho Pro with Times New Roman. This seems very small and tight compared to the Japanese characters.
The size and proportions of Self Modern blend in nicely with Japanese characters.

It seems very sturdy and sober, when looking at the upper case M. But then, the details break out of that, which makes Self Modern very playful on the second sight, pulling in several directions, and showing its liveliness.

The lower case “r” showing a Wedge-shaped
cutout. The lower case “s” showing steep, left-
leaning serifs. The lower case "z" Steep, right-
leaning serifs. The lower case “t“ has tapered contrast in the italics.

Especially the italics are so charming and beautiful, working perfectly for larger text. I only wish they were also available in more than the Regular weight … So overall a great choice for stunning poster, and interesting websites, where the text can be a bit more spacious and striking. For a lot of reading text, it might be too spacious.

Patreon blurred image
What exactly makes the italics so weird and special? On Patreon in Font Friday Video Digest.

Font Pairings with Self Modern

Self Modern rational, contrasting serif typeface. Pair it with rational Easy Grotesk for playful body text or soft, dynamic Asap.

Self Modern
Self Modern
  • Headings
  • Copy

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

Thanks to Lorcan, a supporting Patron who suggested Self Modern to me! Do you have an idea which font I should review next? Tell me in the comments!

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Edition #129, published


    1. Yes, the italics are the most beautiful part of this typeface! Also spotted them in Vienna on a poster in a shopping window. It is so distinct. Once you’ve seen it, you always see it.

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