Sans-serif typeface

from TypeThis!Studio
designed by Anita Jürgeleit

1 Style

1 Weight: Bold

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)

License starting

below $45 (one style)


A bold, confident all caps sans-serif typeface with a comical touch, made for impactful headings that don’t take themselves too seriously.

My Amboni Font Review

This all caps, sans-serif typeface makes me genuinely smile. Amboni is a display typeface for serious, bold, and striking text, that does not take itself too seriously 😉. Made for big titles, headlines, posters, or any other larger text, that wants attention. Thanks to the narrow proportions and slightly squarish design, it remains optically balances while fitting a fair amount of text in little space.

FIrm & Funny Amboni is an all caps display typeface with a strong attitude that is getting attention. Look at that Delightful number! narrow, Joyful letter shapes. 100% multilingual
I’m such a big fan of that cheerful numerals!

What I like about Amboni is, how the natural confidence that comes with all caps and the bold weight, is balanced with wonky angles. This way Amboni can pair firm with funny, confident with playful, stable with wobbly. And it shows when you examine its details.

The upper case “T” is tilted inwards, straight to the outside. The upper case “E” shows wedge-shaped arms. The capital “Q” shows a squarish shape and a vertical tail. The upper case “J” has an adorable top bar.
The details show, how Amboni combines wonky and even in one character

At times, and in sizes below 40 px, I feel Amboni renders a bit unclean, especially the small counters from letters like “A” or “B”. Also, in my opinion the “R” seems a bit too dark and clumsier than other letters. But since this is a typeface for a little text only, it might not be problematic, and only highlight its subtle and lovable craziness.

Font Pairings for Amboni

Amboni is a rational linear sans-serif typeface. So rational Aglet Slab would make a good match. But since Amboni is all caps, quite narrow and bold, combining it with an obviously different typeface like Arida works well.

  • Headings

Learn more about pairing typefaces using the Font Matrix.

What do you think? Do you embrace the boldness of Amboni? Or is it too much? Tell me in the comments!

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Edition #153, published


  1. This plays with my eyes/mind in a fun way. Its letter forms don’t depart all that far from the typical when you look at one in isolation, yet it’s very clear that it’s deliberately non-regular when you just read the whole. More than the sum of its parts in that respect and right in the sweet spot IMO. A nice selection, Oliver, and congratulations to the designer of course.

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