Three book recommendations when getting started with Web Typography

Vistin, one of my beloved subscribers to the Pimp my Type Newsletter wrote me about his biggest typographic challenge right now:

“For me as a beginner in typography, it’s so overwhelming to read all those typographic books.”

I totally get this. Back in 2004, when I was in design school I was curious and intimidated at the same time. So here are three suggestions of books that get you started on digital typography:

1. Detail in Typography

As a general overview, Detail in Typography by Jost Hochuli was very helpful to me back then when I was at design school. It comes from a print world and does not focus on digital typography specifically, but the principles apply to any medium. Plus, it’s just beautifully designed.

2. Better Web Typography

If you focus on web design and want to get going fast I’d recommend Matej Latin’s Book Better Web Typography. It’s a short and great primer for any web- or frontend designer that wants to learn more about the subject. I especially love how Matej gets into the nitty-gritty technical parts while he illustrates it all with practical examples.

3. Web Typography

The book Web Typography by Richard Rutter is my bible for web typography. If you’re looking for a basic understanding of typography and want to find out what are the best solutions with nowadays tools (hence CSS), this is for you. The great thing is, you can easily read it in pieces or dive into one subject deeply. When Detail in Typography is mostly about the visual part, Better Web Typography rather technical, this book is both. If you only want to buy one book, buy this.

Do you have a book suggestion? I’d love to hear them in the comments blow!

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  1. As always, your email delivery is a delightful learning experience. I’m not into typography as you artisan. I’m all about sensible aesthetics, visual reading, and deep analysis therefore, addressing essentials in letters is a must for the picky eye.
    You mixed them well, fundamentals from the past century then novelty with web typography, my book wishlist is flooded.? I’m the most excited about “Detail in Typography” by Jost Hochuli. Seems like an evergreen. But “Web Typography” by Richard Rutter accompanies all, I guess and I’m eager to learn more technical parts if I want to fit in the tech-savvy culture.
    I’d have many book suggestions but they’re not related to the design profession. I do have an interesting new font you may be inspired by. The article about this newbie: Thank you!!

    1. Hey Jana! Thanks for your comment! Action Text is a great typeface! Defined a candidate for an upcoming fontfriday 😉

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