Good Typography is not about you

It’s about the readers. It’s about showing respect to them and their needs. Doing them a service, providing them with the information or actions they need to accomplish their goals.

It’s about the idea. The content itself. There is no good typography for bad content. If it looks nice but has only little to say or is spamming you, it’s just an empty vessel, a body without soul. People will feel fooled or misguided.

It’s about personality. Giving it the shape it needs to show its uniqueness. To be true to it’s content. Not to appeal to everyone, but to the right ones. To attract your tribe and repel the others.

It’s about seduction. And motivating the readers to dive into the content. Making it attractive and interesting for them to engage with it or easier to decide that it’s not for them.

It’s about attention to the little things. Like spacings, apostrophes, and other precious punctuation marks. They might seem irrelevant alone, but they are the details that make whole the picture.

It’s a process.

This happens when I feel philosophical, 11 at night, when the kids are finally asleep, the dishes are done, the snacks for kindergarten and school are packed and my mind still races after listening to too many podcasts. Happy to read your thoughts on this!

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