Typographic Coaching Call

You are facing a typographic challenge right now and need expert advice quick? Maybe it’s assurance or an opinion on your font choice, quick alternatives, feedback on your typographic styles or an ad hoc review of your visual design? In this 60-minute Zoom call, I’ll give you practical advice that you can apply immediately.

Are you having trouble making a typographic decision?

You realized that good typography supports your goals, content and is a major part of the visual identity of your website or app. You tried to educate yourself, read the articles, watched the YouTube Videos, but you can’t figure out how to best apply it to your particular project. You are uncertain, or want to prevent possible design missteps.

Imagine feeling safe with your design

My 1-on-1 coaching call is here to help you get unstuck and fuel you with the steps you need to know to improve your design. Common situations are:

  • Assurance or an expert’s opinion on your font choice and font pairing.
  • Some alternatives to your font choice.
  • Feedback on your typographic styles, hierarchies, sizes, and layout.
  • An on-the-fly review of your visual design.

“I learned so much from a one hour coaching call with Oliver. Now I feel confident to evaluate typefaces for all different uses on my website.”

– Rich Danker, Senior Vice President at Chain Bridge Bank, N.A.

“After the coaching call, my job interview was a home run! I am very thankful for Oliver’s time, and holding my hand as I am learning about responsive typography.”

– Jonathan Arias, web designer

“I really enjoyed the process and discovered that it’s ok – or even, a good idea! – to adjust letter spacing to make small text more readable. The extra tips Oliver shared as we explored this project together gave me more confidence in applying good typography principles in my data visualisation work.”

Cara Thompson, data consultant

“Thank you very much for your valuable advice when you did that coaching call with me. […] The change has been already fantastic.”

Raúl Mella, graphic designer

How it works

My 60-minute coaching calls take place over Zoom, and they are there for you to ask me anything about whatever typographic challenges you’re facing:

  • Get practical advice that you can apply immediately.
  • Get a recording of the call for further reference.
  • Pick your preferred date in my calendar and submit your payment via PayPal. After I received the payment, I’ll send you a formal invoice for your taxes.

Bear in mind that this 60-minute is tailored towards specific questions. If you are looking for an in-depth typographic analysis of your website or app, check out the Type Audit.

100% money-back guarantee

I’m here to bring you and your design forward. If you feel my advice did not help you in your particular problem, just say so at the end of the call, and I’ll refund it in full.


$ 249,—
incl. 20% VAT = $ 207.50 (net), payment upfront via Stripe.