Type Audit

Gain clarity and assurance about your font selection, typographic styles and the over all application to your website, app or user interface.

Your situation

You or your design team might be in the middle of a redesign process, or you just applied the new design. You are aware of how typography influences the functionality and appearance of your digital product. You were guided by best practices, but:

  • have second thoughts at some points,
  • need support for your designers, or
  • want to be safe that you did not miss something.

This expert review got you covered!

“After we did an internal redesign of our brand, app, and website, I wanted an external expert’s option. Oliver provided super practical feedback that helped our design team to avoid pitfalls, while improving the overall typographic styles.”

Johannes Nagl, CEO Product at swat.io

Addressed questions

  • Functionality: Is the font choice suited for your text and does it provide the needed features?
  • Combination: Do typefaces and typographic styles combine well?
  • Application: Are there any issues with readability and usability?
  • Atmosphere: Does the typography convey the desired mood?


  1. Questionnaire
  2. Analysis
  3. Discussing results and questions in a video meeting


  • Short documentation of the analysis
  • In-depth explanations in a video call, that can be recorded or joined by a larger group
  • Assessment, if the type choice is sound or should be reconsidered
  • Suggestions what should be considered moving forward


€ 1,900.—
incl. 20% VAT = $ 2,000 (net), payment upfront via Stripe.