UI Design Check

The design of your app, website or UI is the face to your customers. To them it is your product. But are you sure that it is convincing from a design perspective? I give you a clear assessment, and point out problem areas with practical advice. So you know what to focus on, to get more user adoption and creating a professional impression.

UI design is so damn complex!

You’re not a designer 😕, but someone had to do it. Something had to get out there and working. The visual design was not the top priority, and you might have based it on a framework or component library. But now in action, you’re unsure if it really feels or look that right. In some parts you already see issues, leaving an unprofessional impression. This is making it harder for your audience to adopt and use the product. And what about the things you do not see?

Imagine knowing what to focus on

Imagine feeling safe with your UI or app design 😃, so that your product or service can connect better with its audience. It leaves a professional impression, and can be better accepted by its audience. You get the most out of your current design, satisfied users, that have fewer questions, and see your product and brand in a better light.

Get clarity with the UI Design Check

Get assurance and clarity by having your design checked according to the six most essential UI design criteria, prioritized by importance.

  • Become aware of what’s not working from a design perspective.
  • Get advice what should be addressed.
  • Set priorities what to focus on, so it has the most impact.

What will be checked?

When your UI design is streamlined, everything works together smoothly, and it puts your business and its audience in action. This is why I center the six criteria of the UI Design Check around the acronym of A.C.T.I.O.N.:

Appeal – Making a great impression

  • Is the design attractive?
  • Does it fit the topic, branding, or company?
  • Is the visual design coherent?

Clarity – Reducing the load

  • Is cluttering avoided?
  • Are alignment and spacing consistent?
  • Are similar elements reused for similar things?

Typography – Uniting words and meaning

  • Is the type choice clear and legible?
  • Are font sizes appropriate?
  • Is color contrast sufficient?

Interaction – Making it easy to use

  • Are changes of state clearly shown?
  • Is it clear what’s interactive?
  • Are there sufficient target sizes?
  • Is information not only relying on color?

Order – Setting priorities

  • Is the most important information/action on top?
  • Are the other hierarchies clear?
  • Are things grouped that belong together?

Navigation – Putting the user in control

  • Is it clear where I am?
  • Is it obvious where to go next, and how to go back?
  • Is progress clearly shown?

How much is the UI Design Check?

Unlike automatic or generic advice you find on the internet, the UI Design Check does not leave you hanging when it comes to concrete questions.

Rather, the UI Design Check it is an honest and actionable design audit of your app or website, giving you a roadmap on what to work on next.

The price of the UI Design Check is € 3,000 *, which includes:

  • Kick-off call to get me familiar with your project and challenges.
  • Design review of up to 10 pages or templates (desktop & mobile).
  • Summary of all design issues in one document.
  • Initial thoughts how to proceed (written out, no designs).
  • Screencast or video call explaining the results.
* Local tax will be added to price.

Who’s behind this?

I’m Oliver Schöndorfer, a seasoned UI and app designer from Austria, trusted YouTuber, speaker at international conferences and blogger. My focus on typography is because it is the essential part of every user interface. I use my knowledge to bring your product and business forward!

Still have questions?

Do I get design suggestions with the UI Design Check?

I describe what I recommend being redesigned, and how much influence it has. Concrete designs are not included in the UI Design Check. If you look for fixes of the most critical issues, I offer the UI Design Fix.

Do you also check for UX fails?

Since UX and UI are closely related, I will point out drastic flaws if they strike me. But the focus of this check is on the visual design of your app or website.

How long does it take?

After we set up an initial briefing call, it mostly takes around one week to give you the results.

Still got questions?

Shoot me an email and tell me what you want to know!

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