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The contrasting display sans-serif typeface Roba High and Roba Low shown on a mobile phone in a headline, body text, and a pull quote.

Sans-Serif Display typeface

by Franziska Weitgruber on Future Fonts

16 styles

Two styles, High and Low, each in 8 weights from Thin to Black

License for web/app usage

Web: The whole family from $ 105
App: On request only

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)


The super contrasting Roba High makes me high!

My thoughts on Roba

I briefly know Franziska Weitgruber, the designer behind Roba, from a small alumni get-together years ago of our graphic design school in Austria. After that, I followed along her work, and fell in love with the striking type designs she made in recent years.

What I particularly like about Roba, this sans-serif display typeface that mixes the vibe of the 20ies with contemporary contrast, are the two different styles, High and Low. Roba High is so beautifully geometric, it can feel light as a summer breeze and the bolder it gets, the more character it shows, like a South Tyrolean wine. Okay, I’m making things up here, since I don’t really know anything about wine and South Tyrol, but I know Franziska’s from there 😜. Anyway, Roba High would perfectly fit for larger text in display sizes.

Roba High Light is very Geometric, but can be contrasting and bold. Roba Low with the same particular proportions and shapes is calmer, but certainly not quiet.
The first two lines are set in Roba High, ideal for titles or headings. Be-low you see Roba Low.

On the other hand, Roba Low is much calmer and suited for smaller sizes between 17 and 24 px. I would not use it for very text heavy applications though, but if it’s a website with only little copy, go for it! Both styles share the same proportions, have short ascenders and descenders, and a large x-height, which allow tight setting. Roba is still in progress and sold on Future Fonts, purchase it now to get the best price, and free updates until the typeface is finished.

What do you think? Is Roba something for an upcoming project? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Der Low-Schnitt gefällt mir gut. (High ist mir zu experimentell für meine Sehgewohnheiten.) Nur das “R” sieht mir zu sehr nach Frutiger aus und hat eine zu unspektakuläre Form, finde ich.
    Ist die Schrift denn für Web verwendbar? Auf FutureFonts steht, das Hinting sei noch nicht bearbeitet …

    1. Hey Markus, laut Franziska enthält bereits eine Lizenz auch schon Web Fonts enthält. Kann sein, dass das dann noch optimiert wird, dann müsstest du im Prozess die Schrift ersetzen. Aber bei genaueren Fragen wenden dich am besten direkt an Franziska.

  2. Roba High/Low stolen mine heart. It’s somewhat fashionable, reminds me of “The Great Gatsby”, Oliver! Absolutely in love with both styles.
    I don’t like naming “Roba” but that’s not a type designer’s thing anyway. Franziska did a great job. I can imagine combining it in some fashion collage, editorial… Roba High for headings, magical🤩

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