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NaN Tragedy

The serif typeface NaN Tragedy Display in the headline and pull quote of a mobile phone. NaN Tragedy Text in the body text.

Serif typeface

designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot
released by NaN

13 styles

Display: Thin to Black
Text: Regular to Bold with matching italics

License for web & app usage

Single: from € 60
Family: from € 350

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)


How it crosses the lines of conventional styles and creates an unusual mix.

My thoughts on NaN Tragedy

At first glance, you might say – man, this looks just like Times New Roman, booooring! Default! Why should I use this? But look closer – there is so much extraordinary in Nan Tragedy. Designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot and published by the hip NaN foundry, this typeface is a fascinating mix of styles. You’ll see this, when you compare it with a classic, like Times New Roman. Foremost, it has a very different vibe, it’s more edgy, contrasting and less restrained.

Is nan Tragedy Like Times?
NaN Tragedy is absolutely not like Times New Roman. It is more contrasting, has horizontal straight serifs, and is more angled. All these quirks add to its personality.

A classic serif typeface, like Times New Roman, has bracketed serifs, and ball terminals at ascenders like the y. NaN Tragedy just goes crazy and with straight serifs! And this is just one example. The more dynamic shapes, the steeper angle, the striking g and the lively italics all add up. And this makes it an unusual blend of styles.

Nan Tragedy Text is wider, more contrasting and dynamic. It has super lively, spiky italics! The caps are just beautiful. Wonderful proportions, Gorgeous Contrast. NaN Tragedy Display is a bit narrower. Also less contrasting and more restrained. But it comes with the same quirks as the text style.
I especially love the caps of NaN Tragedy Text, and the exaggerated punctuations of the light display style.

And even if you don’t look at those tiny parts, this all creates the vibe of NaN Tragedy. Everything looks a bit goofy, wonky, I could lively imagine it for a hip project. Also check out the cool microsite showcasing the typeface.

What do you think? Is NaN Tragedy something for an upcoming project? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. It’s the balance of straight serifs that act as type pillars and other quirks such as dynamic angles and lines. A masterpiece, if you ask me. This font is so versatile while having a bold character. Rich work! 👏🏻

    THE CAPS, Oh Gosh, something ancient in it but not obsolete.
    Have a personal showcase!? Com’ on Oliver, this is authenticity delivered. Worth each €

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