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The sans-serif typeface Inklination on a mobile phone in a headline, body text, a pull quote and the labels of a button and navigation.

Sans-serif typeface

by Eduardo Manso at Emtype Foundry

20 styles

5 weights, from Light to Bold with matching italics, italic 2, and Mono

License for web/app usage

Single: from € 45 (web), € 450 (app)
Bundle: from € 299 (web), € 2,990 (app)

Best for

  • Headings (display text)
  • Long reading text (body text)
  • User Interfaces (functional text)


The wacky crazy brutalist italic 2 and the techy mono make it a great family.

My thoughts on Inklination

You know me ranting about Helvetica and the replaceable, soulless feel it creates. Together with Arial, Roboto, or San Francisco it belongs to the category of neo-grotesque sans-serif typefaces. They have their purpose, but we’ve seen them too often recently. Man, I almost fall asleep while thinking about them … and this is why I celebrate a typeface that comes from that category but does it differently.

Inklination is a neo-grotesque with a soul that shows some character. For body text, set it at slightly larger sizes to compensate for that low x-height. It comes with a few cool symbols that give it a 60ies vibe somehow ?????????? Enjoy the regular italics and have fun with  brutalist italic 2 with 20° of inclination.

Inklination by Emtype Foundry is a neo-grotesque that shows some character. Gee, I love that rectangular long periods and dots on the i, the double-story g, the soft way the t’s crossbar connects to the stem on the upper left side, and how elegant the long ascenders and decenders let it seem. It has a rather low x-height, which also differentiates it from other typefaces in that category. It also means for body text you should set it in slightly larger sizes while decreasing the line height a bit. It’s apertures (the opening between the counter and the outside of the letter) are quite closed, which makes it an edge case for functional text in small sizes.

Comparing the x-height of Helvetica Neue and Inclination
Compared to Hellvetica, one of the most popular neo-grotesque, Inclination’s x-height seems tiny but shiny.

What I find super fun is the italic 2, that comes with the doubled obliqueness (or inclination, hence the name) of twenty degrees. It looks very off, distorted, hurts and that’s its point. Ideal if you want to slip a bit of that trend into your design for a heading or some big text but still need a robust typeface for your running text that fits. What do you think about it? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. As you’re tired of neo-grotesque Sans-serif, I’m seeing all around the www Sofia Pro, Nunito and alike, rounded, large, thin/light-weight, oblique, geometric, “modern”, millennia-baby… Inclination has a sounding name. For my taste, it’s too wide and the x-height is low down under. However, it threatens some serious general usage!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Jana! Yeah, these light gemoetric sans-serif are on the rise for quite some time now. And as I always say, it depends on the project 😉

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